Friday, September 4, 2009

Satine October Dane Concert à Emporter

Satine October Dane Concert à Emporter
Uploaded by lablogotheque. - See the latest featured music videos.

One of my fellow students brought a site named La Blogotheque to my attention. Its made by a frenchman named Vincent Moon and features video of musicians performing in all sorts of unusual locations. The resulting footage has a live energy that is uplifting and charming. I like hearing groups I would not normally be exposed to. This clip is one of my favourites because I like the rooftop view and Satine's voice is mesmerising.

I really like this site and I probably wouldn't have found it myself. I like the way blogging can act as a tour group of the internet. Multiple users can share their experience about a topic and maybe help to eliminate time spent researching it. The great advantage of participating in the Cultureblog is that "social and aesthetic domains can overlap". (Haney 39) This can be very helpful particularly in the study of popular culture through an increased sharing of knowledge and ideas.

Reference: Haney, William. S. II. "Beckett out of his mind: The theatre of the absurd". Studies in the Literary Imagination. Vol 34, Issue 2, 2001. p 39(16)