Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I was hypnotised by this photo on ! (Click on it to see the whole photo) It's a clever use of two extremely well known icons - 'Madonna' and 'the Louis Vuitton bag'. Madonna is known for her ironic use of cultural icons e.g. Madonna - the name of the virgin mother in christian and catholic religion; Marilyn Monroe's blond hair color and wardrobe, and her universally known nickname 'The Material Girl'.

The Louis Vuitton bag is also universally recognised as a material symbol of wealth and feminine glamour.This style of photographic lighting and color blend the two seamlessly into an image that connotes "Hey! Its ok to keep spending because aren't we all material beings in a material world first and foremost?" I think this advertisement could also be aimed at older women with a large disposable income.

She looks absolutely beautiful in this photo shoot for W magazine.