Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I want those shoes betch!

Creeber describes the growth in popularity of 'Webisodes', an online form of serialised drama that was made easier to view due to the development of flash technology used by 'Youtube'. He contrasts this phenomenon with the increasing cinematic aspects of big budget Television shows. Creeber argues that the intimacy of earlier Television drama is dissipated in slick, digitally manipulated images of new shows such as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (CBS 2000). Shows like The Sopranos (HBO 1999-2007)have a cinematic visual style due to increased funding from subscriptions. Creeber proposes that the webisode's raw images from webcams and close-up confessional style presentation by actors is appealing to audiences who may be tired of visual spectacle and crave intimacy.

Liam Kyle Sullivan started creating videos for Youtube in 2006 and has had quite a few of his videos become viral (millions of views in a short amount of time). He created a character named Kelly and his audience followed the videos featuring her. This led to Sullivan playing Kelly in an off Broadway play as well as touring the U.S.A in a comedy show. The crossover from the internet into live performance is one that ties into the audience's craving for intimacy with the star of these comedic webisode's, Kelly. Liam's website has a variety of content and enables viewers to connect with his shows across a range of social media, thereby encouraging fan interaction with the narratives. He also continues to upload his amateur videos regularly, ensuring audience loyalty.

Creeber, Glen, It's not TV, it's online drama: The return of the intimate screen. International Journal of Cultural Studies, 2011, 14: 591. DOI: 10.1177/1367877911402589